rince Edward Island’s nicest cottage lot development is located on the historic Battersby property in Midgell. Each of the 40 lots provide a stunning ocean view. Twenty lots are right on the water offering 150′ to 400′ of water frontage ranging from 0.7 to 4.4 acres.

The original Battersby farm has been left intact with the lots designed around the natural features of the property. All lots have restricted convenents in place and a homeowners association has been formed. Power and telephone utilities are provided.

Lot # Acres Price Description

1 1.0 $25,000 Waterfront

2 1.0 $25,000 Waterfront

38 2.4 $15,000 Road front building lot

39 2.5 $15,000 Road front building lot

40 2.7 $15,000 Road front building lot

Buy all 5 adjoining lots for $75,000

HST extra.


  • 20 water front lots
  • Prince Edward Island Real Estate 150′-400′ shore frontage
  • Prince Edward Island Real Estate All lots have spectacular water view
  • Prince Edward Island Real Estate Large lots
  • Prince Edward Island Real Estate Utilities provided
  • Prince Edward Island Real Estate Homeowners association
  • Prince Edward Island Real Estate Restricted covenents in place
  • Prince Edward Island Real Estate Winding country entrance road
  • Prince Edward Island Real Estate Designed around the estate’s natural features
  • Prince Edward Island Real Estate Exclusive, private location
  • Prince Edward Island Real Estate 40 building lots
  • Prince Edward Island Real Estate Located on St. Peters Bay and Midgell River
  • Prince Edward Island Real Estate Clam digging, salmon and trout fishing

Nearby Attractions

0 km – The Confederation Trail runs through the property
3 km – Villages of Morell & St. Peters – Shopping, dining etc.
5 km – Greenwich National Park – Canada’s newest park
9 km – Links at Crowbush Cove – “Top 10 North America” Golf Digest
18 km – Brudenell & Dundarave – The Maritimes only 36-hole resort
25 km – Charlottetown – The Birthplace of Canada
40 km – Cavendish – The home of Anne of Green Gables

Photo Gallery

Beach, West Confederation Trail Locator Map
Beach, East Waterside Trail Links at Crowbush Cove
Old Wharf Old Wharf/Beach Greenwich National Park
East View Water View Plot Map
Sunset Original Home Midgell River
Battersby Place

Photo Gallery

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Information and Other Properties

Recreation and retirement properties on beautiful P.E.I. Fish or hunt from your doorstep or tee off from your back yard. Swim, dig clams or just walk and enjoy nature. Work in your woodlot or grow fresh food in your garden. Enjoy a piece of this unique Province while you watch your investment grow.

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