Chart-topping fitness app Sweatcoin secures funding FRANKFURT Sweatcoin.

They could be exchanged for fitness-related products and, say its designers, could 1 day be traded like money and even cryptocurrencies such as for example bitcoin. But most users simply award the virtual cash for the psychological increase they get from monitoring their daily workout. The business said it had completed a $5. It 1st funded itself by collecting $600,000 from specific angel investors. While inspired simply by bitcoin, the operational program isn’t however about blockchain, a record-keeping program that is made to help to make transactions irreversible, Fomenko said.The controversy can be an additional headaches for Monsanto since it faces an emergency around another herbicide predicated on a chemical substance referred to as dicamba that was associated with widespread U.S. Crop harm this summer. The ongoing company, which has been obtained by Bayer AG for $63.5 billion, created the product as an alternative for glyphosate following a rise of weeds resistant to the chemical. Monsanto has recently suffered harm to its investment of vast sums of dollars in glyphosate products since California added the chemical substance to its set of cancer-causing products, based on the lawsuit.