The FDA approved an implantable device that sends updates about your heart to your phone.

About how big is a paper clip, the monitor is implanted beneath the skin from the chest throughout a quick simply, invasive outpatient procedure minimally. The ICM continuously displays heart rhythms to detect a variety of cardiac arrhythmias, including irregular heartbeats or atrial fibrillation. It’s not simply for a-fib, but also for anyone who’s suspecting to possess a-fib. So whoever has palpitations, nevertheless, you couldn’t shape it out, stated Dr. Dale Yoo, medical movie director of cardiac electrophysiology at Medical Town McKinney. Until now, sufferers has on a Holter monitor every day and night or up to fourteen days, a meeting monitor, or a cardiac telemetry monitor. The advantage of this implantable cardiac loop recorder is that it could correlate any observeable symptoms the patient may need to their telephone via Bluetooth, and we are able to see if they’re having palpitations or any concern with the heart and so are in a position to respond immediately rather than having to wait around overnight for information to can be found in, Yoo said.A colonoscopy typically involves a tool called a colonoscope, a 2.5cm-thick wire with a camera and light about the end, that enters an individual all the way through the rectum to be able to access and examine their huge intestine. The individual is normally sedated through the mainly pain-free treatment, but as the colonoscope is usually forced through the digestive system, the physical strain on the digestive tract can lead to discomfort or pain during recovery.